4 Ways To Use Technology When Selling Your House in Lee's Summit

4 Ways To Use Technology When Selling Your House in Lee's Summit

Real estate and the art of selling a house continues to change as technology evolves – selling a house today is not the same as it was even three or four years ago. Back in the day, Lee’s Summit real estate agents used to talk to other local realtors. Clients themselves didn’t do much, other than driving through the neighborhoods and subdivisions, hunting for the best housing deals. Today however, things have shifted as homebuyers can simply jump online with their ipad, phone, or laptop to check for Lee’s Summit homes for sale.

Selling a house today is markedly different than it was just a few years ago. Much of the legwork is gone because digital marketing and online home shopping have pretty much supplanted the traditional methods. Today, people do a large share of their house hunting on their laptops, tablets, and/or phones. So, now, if sellers intend to compete in a competitive real estate market, they absolutely must utilize and leverage this technology. Let’s take a look, then, at 4 ways to use technology when selling your house in Lee's Summit.

1. Use High-Quality Images for Online Listings

Almost all buyers today begin (and continue) their house hunting online. And this means that selling a home online nowadays is all about the images. If a home buyer can’t walk through the home in person, they want to see quality images of the interior and exterior.” Top-notch images and professional photography are now a must for online listings.”

In this area, there’s even more you can do with technology when selling your house in Lee's Summit. And that is virtual staging.

“This is the digital enhancement of a home’s listing photos to show what the rooms would look like with furnishings and décor. It costs a small fee compared to the thousands you’d spend to have a professional stager decorate the home for your photos, and it can go a long way towards making your home look more livable.”

2. Create a Virtual (Possibly Interactive) Tour

Another effective way to use technology when selling your house in Lee's Summit is by creating a virtual tour. This is no mere sideshow of images. It is, rather, a video-based tour that provides buyers an immersive experience – much more than just a walk-through.

Your virtual tour “can go as far as using camera technology that can be used with a VirtualReality extension of users’ phones.” This “can be a fantastic and easy way to enhance the marketing of your property.” And it can be even more effective if you make it interactive so that potential buyers can interact with you or your agent during the tour, asking questions and getting immediate feedback.

To find out more about using this highly effective tech tool, contact your [market-city] agent. Just call (816) 695-7352.

3. Consider Drone Photography

The use of drones is gaining in popularity and spreading into every area of life. And now drone photography is coming into its own in the real estate industry.

Here’s what industry insiders say about it: “Drone photography allows buyers to get a big-picture view of your home and its location. This includes aerial photography of local amenities, such as parkland, pools, beaches, and shops. The larger your piece of land, the better suited it is to drone photography, as long sweeping shots are highly effective. But drones can still be used to great effect with inner-city properties for both their ability to contextualize the property within its neighborhood and to provide impressive shots of less accessible architectural shots of your property.”

Keep in mind, though, that there are some restrictive laws governing the use of drones for money-making purposes. So make sure the professionals you hire are compliant in everything they do. Your best course here is to consult your agent to get the most out of drone photography.

4. Leverage Social Media

And, of course, you shouldn’t neglect to leverage the power and reach of social media as a way to use technology when selling your house in Lee's Summit. You can do much of this on your own, using your own social media channels, such as Facebook and Instagram, to get the word out about your for-sale home. But you’ll get much greater reach by working with your agent.

A tech-savvy Lee's Summit real estate agent will have her social media channels, especially Facebook, and will know how to use them effectively. Consider this: “One of the most important statistics you can remember when selling a home is that 93 percent of social media traffic on realtor websites comes from Facebook. This social media platform will be your greatest tool for marketing your property and attracting consumers to your home.”

Use a Tech-Savvy Agent to Sell Your House in Lee's Summit

Today, effective real estate marketing simply demands the use of technology when selling your house in Lee's Summit. And that also means you’ll need a local agent who is conversant with all the latest and most effective technological tools and strategies – including virtual staging, virtual tours, drone photography, and social media. Traditional marketing methods still work, but they just aren’t enough anymore. So you have to use digital marketing, and you need an agent who has mastered it.

But you do need a strategic plan in order to use technology when selling your house in Lee's Summit, one that deploys the best tools and strategies for your property and your situation. Find out how our agents can help you use technology to sell your home.

Dan Edson, Home Connection Team KC always uses professional photography and can also provide  HD Drone photography and video of your home. We verify that your house is seen on all the big social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Trulia, Redfn, Realtor.com, Zilliow and several more. We strive to take the pressure off of you.  We will take care of all details and help you make sure everything is ready to go, even the small details. We are negotiators, deal makers, and confidants. We will assist you in reaching the right audience with the right message so you can sell your Lee’s Summit house as fast as possible.  Give us a call today at (816) 695-7352.

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